Thursday, February 3, 2011

Many new items

I see I have two more followers! thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means alot to me.

I seem to have finished a number of projects at once!

A custom Monster High Lagoona plush!
Truely a rag doll, because I only used thing I had in the house.
She is made from the pattern 'Eddie' in the book Wee Wonderfuls.

I made a beach scene for my little Dollcena Stitch to live in.
I have two other Dollcenas and can't wait to make them homes too.

Steampunk necklace.
For when I go to Steampunk World's Fair this year :)

Dolly kei spoon necklace.
Made from this tutorial.


  1. Love the rag doll and the little Stitch scene. ^_^ When did you get that little one? And who is that tall and gorgeous lady up top?

  2. I've had Stitch for months. I posted her to lj when I first got her :) The tall girl is Monster High Lagoona. They're just fashion dolls from main-stream stores, but they are really nice.