Friday, January 21, 2011

Tie spotlight and tutoial


Out of all the the 'remade' ties I've done that are currently still with me, this one is by far my fave. It's so good, I decided to keep it rather than put it on my next AA table.

I originally made these ties with lolita outfits in mind, but while I've never seen ties used in dolly kei outfits, I absolutely think they would work!

Here's a little tutorial on how to make your own dolly kei tie. Text only since the tie is already made, I clearly can't go back and take pictures :P

You will need:
A nice tie (from the thrift shop, your dad's closet, etc.)

First I sew the lace onto the edge of the tie. I like to set my machine to a decorative stitch and use a color of thread that will stand out (I refuse to say 'make it pop' because I am not on HGTV).

After that, I select some charms that I like. This part is very personal and I say just pick charms you love and will feel excited to wear.

I sew the charms on then sew bows over top. I do like the color of the bows to compliment the tie.

Tip: I put Fray Check on the edge of the ribbon so it will not fray. This can be easy to forget, but it makes it much neater.

It's all done! Have fun wearing it!

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